Hello, I am a  3D Artist who is specialized in 3D assets for real-time applications such as games.
Additionally  I create 3D stock models for the Unreal Engine Marketplace, Cubebrush and more.

I mainly create environments, props, especially hard surface objects and architecture. I'm comfortable with a wide range of styles as I have worked on various projects with greatly differing styles.

In my free time I like to do photography, mostly macro photography of whatever interesting things I find outside. As well as learning new things, currently I'm really interested in Houdini.
And of course like to I play Video games. The genres I mostly play are RPGs, Action Games and sometimes Shooters. 


Peer Draeger
Former Art Director at Flaregames
Email: peerdraeger@gmail.com


"Working together with Tanja has been a great experience. I’ve met her as an intern and saw her develop into one of the most valuable coworkers.
Tanja is not only very skilled at fearlessly handling any 3D work you throw at her, but also very good at dealing with complex technical tasks.
And if there’s anybody claiming that artists don’t keep their files neat and tidy, that person needs to take a look at how Tanja handles her work. It’s the definite
professional example anybody can learn from how to format photoshop or 3dsmax assets. Her outstanding sense of humor and friendliness complete her. I can totally
recommend Tanjaif you are looking for a great and passionate 3D artist with lots of valuable technical knowledge."
- Peer Draeger, former Art Director at Flaregames

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